About Latex Foam

History of Latex Foam
Natural Latex Foam is harvested from the sap of hevea brasiliensis, or rubber trees, grown in Africa and South East Asia, South America, Indonesia and Sri Lanka and other tropical climates. Each day natural latex milk is harvested with cuts made into the tree to allow the latex sap to be collected. A rubber tree will produce enough sap to make about four pounds of rubber annually. The latex milk is then transported to factories around the world and is used to manufacture many highly reliant and durable rubber based products. Natural latex is very soft and very elastic and perfect for use in a mattress.

Making of a Latex Foam Mattress
Latex milk is whipped into foam and mixed with synthetic latex and vulcanized (heating in the presence of sulphur). The Talalay process and the Dunlop process are two different ways to form and vulcanize latex. The Talalay process is the most advanced process for manufacturing latex mattress cores. The foam latex mix is then injected into an aluminum pin core mold. The mold is sealed and a vacuum is pulled to extract air and completely fill the mold cavity with latex. The latex is chilled at -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Freezing (unique to the Talalay process) prevents particles from settling and ensures a consistent cell structure. CO2 is introduced to gel the latex. The mold is heated to 220 degrees Fahrenheit to cure the core as it is baked into its final state then thoroughly washed. The Talalay process delivers a very consistent firmness throughout the entire core. This process also produces latex cores superior in comfort, durability, and in a greater range of firmness...from very soft to super firm. In the Dunlop process robotic arms fill molds that are then closed and sent to a vulcanization oven with an absence of a vacuum. Both processes are used around the world with Talalay widely considered to be superior in cell structure and more resilient in softer densities.

Additional Benefits of a Latex Mattress
Latex mattresses are naturally therapeutic and provide extraordinary orthopedic support. Inherently impression resistant, latex mattresses last for years without sagging or taking on body impressions (no bed flipping is needed). Latex offers extraordinary comfort and unparalleled orthopedic support. Its superior cell structure gives it maximum breath-ability, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Stay cool and stay warm on a latex mattress.